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Solar Plans that Fit Your Needs.
Solar Plans that Fit Your Needs.


DNVS25 digital nigh hunting sight provides night / day visibility for the user.
Completely passive, near infrared (NIR) technology provides a high-quality, large format, 1280 x 960 resolution image using low light CMOS sensor.
The sight is designed to withstand harsh environmental condition and water immersion.
The DNVS25 is designed to support all hunting assault rifle calibers and is capable to withstand forces up to 500 G.
DNVS25 can be used as standalone sight or clip-on configuration user selectable.
The selection of different reticles enables the end user to choose the most comfortable one for different distances /calibers. 6 user profiles allow having up different caliber gun presets. The compact and lightweight design sight isone of the most versatile thermal imagers.
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