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Solar Plans that Fit Your Needs.
Solar Plans that Fit Your Needs.

DLAD civ


The DLAD civ laser, combines a visible green laser for rapid threat identification in day/ low light with covert IR aiming laserand unique rear focusing IR illuminator for tactical night vision operations. Designed for the individual or crew weapon. theDLAD civ aiming lasers and illuminator are controlled with a single set dials that streamline bore sighting and weapon zeroing.

Visible Targeting Laser. IR Targeting Laser. IR llluminator. IR llluminator with IR Targeting Laser.
Complies Mil Standard-810H.
Civilian version DLAD© is available.
Integrated recoil compensator retainsprevents loss of sight picture on high recoil weapons.
Can be controlled with the included remote cable pressure pad switch or the built–in single tap “FIRE”. Power issupplied by CR123 battery.
Picatinny Rail Attachment with no tools required.
Auto Off feature to save battery life.
Adjustable 1/4 MOA windage and elevation.


Anodized aircraft aluminum 6061-T6

Weight (w Battery)


Eye relief


Size (lxwxh)

104x 58 x 42 mm (L x W x H)

Dust proof, Water proof


Power Output

Visible Red Pointer: <5mW (HIGH) / <0.7mW (LOW) IR Pointer: <30mW (HIGH) / <0.7mW (LOW)
Illuminator Pointer: >45mW (HIGH)


Visible Red Pointer: 520 -540nm (Green).
IR Pointer: 820-860nm.
Illuminator Pointer: 820-860nm

Beam divergence

Visible Red Pointer: < 0.8 mrad
IRPointer: < 0.8mrad
Illuminator Pointer: <1- >50 mrad

Laser type

Visible Red Pointer: Class 3R
IRPointer: Class 3R
Illuminator Pointer: Class 3R

Operating temperature

-32°C ~ +43°C (-25 ~ +109° F)

Storage temperature

-33°C ~ +63°C (-28 ~ +145° F)


CR123A (Lithium, 3V) @ 1

Battery life

DH (Dual Mode High): 3h
IH (Infra-Red High): 7h

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